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Globsol Singapore Pte Ltd. was registered in Singapore as a Private Limited in January 2000 with a goal of high quality, efficient Inspection, repairing and servicing of ships, tankers & other ocean going vessels.

Headed by Mr. GNANAKUMAR KANAGASABAPATHY PERIMANAM PILLAI as Director who is having 20 years of experience in Instrumentation Engineering and 12 years of experience in Main Engine Remote Control System (Maneuvering). Since 1994 Mr. Kumar Pillai was servicing the M/E Maneuvering system of vessels with all engine types via Globsol.

The Company focuses on Main Engine Remote Control Systems (Maneuvering), other Control Systems, Supply of Wabco/Nabco spares and Boiler Controls of vessels for clients based in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Greece and Middle East.

Since its inception in 2000, the company has got an impeccable track record of zero M/E Maneuvering maintenance downtime for vessels serviced by it. Also, the company has bailed out vessels from mid sea and remote port areas upon failure of Engine starting due to problems in other areas. 


Our vision is to be the premier  control systems company in the region, and we will always strive for continuous improvement in order to offer the best and most efficient solutions.
In line with our philosophy of "Standards Guarantee", "Satisfaction Assured", we will continue to strive hard to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the right solutions through our technical expertise


Globsol Singapore Pte Ltd has been continuously ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2000 certified since its first assessment attempt in 2006 in response to the growing market need for a set of standardized guidelines for quality management and quality assurance.

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